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RE: xterm title/screen title+hardstatus

> I've been trying to solve the problems with getting reliable titles and
> hardstatus lines (for screen).

Every now and then I thought about it and always failed to find reliable

> Two major problems: dealing with all input lines, and following processes
> around when job switching.
> The first is the more difficult one.  I couldn't get tcsh or bash to do
> this; zsh has come the closest.  In particular, there're issues with
> dealing with commands containing single quotes, double quotes, both nested,
> and escaping.

It is worse than just quoting. You have to deal with pipelines and complex
commands. Consider:

bor@itsrm2% preexec() { print $1 > /tmp/foo }
bor@itsrm2% while false
while> do
while> print x
while> done
bor@itsrm2% cat /tmp/foo
while false
print x

That was the main reason I never came up with any solution.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author