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Re: Module config

One more remaining part is documentation. It looks sensible to omit docs for
those modules that are not built. I've tried to do it and failed. There are
at least two problems:

- minor: zftpsys.yo is built as part of "main" documentation. It logically
should be built together with mod_zftp. Also, several builtins that are now
in modules are listed in main documentation (e.g. limit).

- major: list of modules to build is created dynamically when you run make;
it is impossible to build list of modules at configure time.

Hence the question: is there any reason we generate module list and
makefiles at compile time? Autoconf allows you to run any command(s) as part
of config.status - we can as easily call mkmakemod & Co. as part of (and
move current creation of config.modules into) config.status.

Should make the whole story more simple.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author