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Re: PATCH: Re: :r modifier

>>> "Geoff" == Geoff Wing <mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


 Geoff> ?  I don't expect :r to behave that way but I don't really use it
 Geoff> much these days so maybe my objections have little weight.

Do you mean you prefer the current behavior or would like another?

: item(tt(r))(
:-Remove a trailing suffix of the form `tt(.)var(xxx)', leaving the basename.
:+Remove a filename extension of the form `tt(.)var(xxx)', leaving
:+the root name.
: )

 Geoff> I'm not sure the wording has cleared it up.  The previous wording of
 Geoff> "trailing suffix" [what's a non-trailing suffix? :-)] 


 Geoff> wasn't that good but what's the "root name"?  (Can't
 Geoff> think of anything better at the moment, sorry).

I can't think of anything better either.  This is the
description used in the tcsh manual.  The original `basename' is
clearly misleading; `root name' may require a definition, or
else the `leaving the root name' part can be removed.  But at
least `root name' offers a mnemonic mean to remember what
thoses modifiers do (r-root e-extension h-head t-tail).

Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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