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Re: PATCH: Re: vicmd bindings

Clint Adams wrote:
>> Any reason that
>> "j" down-line-or-history
>> "k" up-line-or-history
>> aren't vi-down-line-or-history &al. by default?

The names are misleading: the vi- versions do something quite
different from the unprefixed versions, it's not just a question
of vi and Emacs doing something differently.  You'll notice that
vi-{up,down}-line-or-history are bound to "-" and "+" by default --
vi has both types of line movement.  (The difference is that the "-"/"+"
versions -- the "vi-"-prefixed widgets -- move the cursor to the beginning
of the target line, rather than leaving it at the same column.)

>I'll commit this patch.  It should be trivial to reverse should
>there actually be a reason for the original behavior.

Your patch is wrong and should be reversed.  (I have bandwidth issues
right now so I can't reverse it myself.)  Without the patch, zle
accurately imitates vi in this respect.


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