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Re: Xterm Control Sequences in PROMPT

Teodor Knapik <knapik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ really: knapik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

:I am running zsh-3.1.9 under Linux (Mandrake 7.2)
:on an i686 and I would like to put a control
:sequence for xterm, namely, "ESC ]2; <something> BELL"
:in the propmpt, in order to write <something>
:to the title bar of the window. Unfortunately,
:it makes troubles with the line editor
:(I am in emacs mode).

Sequences in the prompt which don't cause cursor movement need to
be enclosed within %{ and %} sequences.  See "PROMPT EXPANSION"
in the manual.  Also, the proper sequence terminator is 0x9c (8bit)
or ``ESC \''  0x1b 0x5c (7bit).  BEL (0x07) is not a standard
You may also look at  precmd() or similar as an alternative to using
the prompt.

:Could you, please, inform me in the case someone
:fixes the bug for a future release ?

No, nobody's going to bother replying to invalid email addresses.

Geoff Wing : <gcw@xxxxxxxxx>
Rxvt Stuff : <gcw@xxxxxxxx>
Zsh Stuff  : <gcw@xxxxxxx>

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