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Re: PATCH: zsh/pcre module

>>>>> "Clint" == Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxx> writes:

        [ Sorry this is a bit delayed, but the wife just gave
          birth to kid #2 and for some reason I haven't had as
          much time to keep up with email recently . . . :)    ]

    >> http://www.phydeaux.org/perl/zperl-0.01.patch.gz
    >> I haven't looked to see if it's still there.

    Clint> www.phydeaux.org doesn't seem to exist anymore, but I

        Carp, I moved to djbdns and apparently missed some things.

    Clint> managed to grab something from

    Clint>  http://phydeaux.org/perl/zperl-0.01.patch.gz

        That should be the same thing.  I haven't touched that in a
long, long while (since 3.1.6 days), so I have no idea if it'll
cooperate with 4.0.2.

        And I like Oliver's sugguestion about an infrastructure for
building modules outside the zsh tree propper.  If there was a
framework along the same lines as perl's ExtUtils::MakeMaker module or
apache's apxs utility, then it'd be more feasable to setup a CZAN (a
la CPAN or CTAN) with seperately downloadable modules (my zperl, the
pcre module that was submitted, et al).

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