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A couple of problems with version 4.0.2

    Hello zsh workers :)

    First of all, thanks for such a good shell. It's invaluable for me.

    I think that zsh is near to perfection, but nobody's perfect ;)))

    Well, I have a couple of suggestions about zsh since I've had
some little problems installing it. First of all, the file
Src/zshpaths.h, which is generated by the makefile, doesn't seem to
be updated when re-running configure with other directory options. It
must be removed by hand in order to have it rebuilt. Maybe it is
updated, but with the same information it contained before. I don't
really know what the problem is, but if I rerun configure with
different directories for modules, etc... the files are properly
installed in their new locations but Src/zshpaths.h is not changed.

    The second problem is that I need to adapt zsh to our filesystem,
and I need to put the dinamic-loadable modules in the directory
$(prefix)/lib/zsh instead of $(prefix)/lib/zsh/$(VERSION)/zsh, and I
cannot change this using configure. I must do it at build time with
something like 'make MODDIR=<mymoddir>'. This is not a problem, but I
think that for being coherent that change should be achieved by using
the configure script.

    The last is just a suggestion: I want to use zsh instead of ash
in a special linux bootdisk we have at work, but the maintainer of
that disk has said to me that the editing keybindings in zsh cannot
be removed and that they occupy a lot. To my knowledge the edition
facilities of zsh (command-line edition, I mean) are loaded as a
module and so it can be removed, aren't they? It those facilities
cannot be removed (some people would sacrifice command line edition
for space sometimes), would it be possible in future versions...?.
Anyway I like zsh just like it is now. It's simply fantastic.

    I want to tell you that IMHO zsh has an invaluable way of dealing
with key bindings: by using bindkeys -d I can easily remove all
keybindings and leave only those I choose, without having fear of
pressing a 'bad' keycombo. Thanks for that and other features that
make zsh the way it is.

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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