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PATCH: bash-transpose-words

This one I definitely plan to use, I've been frustrated by the other one
too often.

Now what I'd really like is for the cursor to stay at the point between the
words it's transposing instead of hopping around after it, but that
requires either doing the whole thing in a shell function, or some trickery
with marks --- which I still don't trust if text has been moving around,
but I haven't analysed what I don't trust well enough to suggest what needs

Index: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,v
retrieving revision 1.11
diff -u -r1.11 contrib.yo
--- Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo	2001/07/06 17:25:54	1.11
+++ Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo	2001/07/20 10:45:27
@@ -366,15 +366,17 @@
 xitem(tt(bash-forward-word), tt(bash-backward-word))
-item(tt(bash-kill-word), tt(bash-backward-kill-word))(
+xitem(tt(bash-kill-word), tt(bash-backward-kill-word))
 These work similarly to the corresponding builtin zle functions without the
 `tt(bash-)' prefix, but a word is considered to consist of alphanumeric
 characters only.  If you wish to replace your existing bindings with these
 four widgets, the following is sufficient:
 example(for widget in kill-word backward-kill-word \ 
-forward-word backward-word; do 
+forward-word backward-word transpose-words; do 
   autoload bash-$widget 
   zle -N $widget bash-$widget
Index: Functions/Zle/bash-transpose-words
RCS file: bash-transpose-words
diff -N bash-transpose-words
--- /dev/null	Thu May 24 22:33:05 2001
+++ bash-transpose-words	Fri Jul 20 03:45:27 2001
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+# This implements a bash-style transpose-words.
+# To use,
+#   zle -N bash-transpose-words
+#   bindkey '...' bash-transpose-words
+# or if you wish to replace existing transpose-words bindings,
+#   zle -N transpose-words bash-transpose-words
+local WORDCHARS=''
+zle .transpose-words

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