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Make the `users-hosts' style take precedence?

I have these styles:

zstyle -e ':completion:*:(ssh|scp):*' hosts 'reply=(
    ${=${${(f)"$(cat {/etc/ssh_,~/.ssh/known_}hosts(|2)(N) \
		     /dev/null)"}%%[# ]*}//,/ }
    ${=${(f)"$(cat /etc/hosts(|)(N) <<(ypcat hosts 2>/dev/null))"}%%\#*}
zstyle ':completion:*:(ssh|scp):*:my-accounts' users-hosts \

When completing after `ssh schaefer@', I'd like to be offered only those
host names that came from the users-hosts style, and not all the others
from the hosts style.  How do I accomplish this?  I'd use the tag-order
style, except that `my-accounts' is not a "real" tag for this purpose.

One other oddity:  If I type `ssh @', then move the cursor back so it's
over the `@', and then press TAB, I would expect to complete user names
because that's what should appear to the left of an `@'.  Instead it
offers both users and host names -- but in THIS case, the only hosts
offered *are* those from the users-hosts style.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author