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A couple of problems with zsh 4.0.2

    Hi Andrej :)

>>     Well, I have a couple of suggestions about zsh since I've had
>> some little problems installing it. First of all, the file
>> Src/zshpaths.h, which is generated by the makefile, doesn't seem to
>> be updated when re-running configure with other directory options.
>Currently it depends on Makemod that is actually rebuilt only when some
>module gets added/removed (it depends on config.modules).

    Well, then that was the problem, since I didn't add/remove a
module. When you talk about 'module', do you refer to the dinamically
loadable parts of zsh or other thing? I don't get the point O:)

>I guess, it should depend on config.status as well. At least, this provides
>obvious workaround.

    I think that's a great idea. So everytime zsh is reconfigured,
those paths change :)

>>     The second problem is that I need to adapt zsh to our filesystem,
>> and I need to put the dinamic-loadable modules in the directory
>> $(prefix)/lib/zsh instead of $(prefix)/lib/zsh/$(VERSION)/zsh,
>                                                            ^^^
>the last zsh is part of module name, so installation directory is

    Ok, I misunderstood that.

>I am not sure setting it to $prefix/lib would be a good choice,

    IS NOT a good choice at all... I didn't mean that dir, but
$prefix/lib/zsh. A typo, sorry O:)))

>So, it is better to keep them under common directory. Versioning allows
>several versions to coexist.

    Yes, I know, and that's a good strategy, but I would like to be
able to change that. It will be quite useful for me :)

>Why would oyu need to force particular location?

    Because one of my enterprise projects is a-kind-of-embedded-system
which has a very limited filesystem, and we want all apps under a
'short' hierarchy. Moreover, our sysadmin doesn't like deep
directories (he's strange, but we love him ;)))).

    Obviously the first reason is the important one ;))) We are going
with a patched version of zsh, but we would like to do this thru

>> module and so it can be removed, aren't they?
>Maybe, we could make it conditional on zsh name? (name it azsh for simple
>zsh :-)

    XDDD, nice name :))).

>I do not know if it possible to put zsh on a floppy. On my system (not a
>ix86 and with debugging):

    Don't worry, it fits. It barely fits on the root floppy, but
fits, which is the important here. We have removed 'ash' and keep
going with 'zsh' :)) Dammit, it's good ;)))

    Thanks a lot for being so accesible and so kind with my
suggestions. A good shell with a good workgroups. Who could ask for
more? :)))))))))))


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