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Re: Calculator function

On Jul 29, 10:52pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: Calculator function
} "Bart Schaefer" wrote:
} > On Jul 28, 12:17am, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} > > +while vared -cehp "${(%)ZCALCPROMPT}" line; do
} > 
} > Hrm, don't you want (%%) there?
} Couldn't really decide.  With that, you need to change the prompt if you

Hmhm.  Doesn't make that much difference to me, really, but why would it
be a big deal to `setopt localoptions promptpercent' within zcalc?  As it
stands, zcalc is ignoring the surrounding promptpercent setting anyway; it
just happens to also be ignoring the surrounding prompt(subst|bang).

} I'm not sure it's good to force that on users of a function.

Force what?

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