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Re: fatal flaw zsh 4.0.1 on irix 6.3 & 6.5: suspend "ls -l|less" then resume hangs

Timothy Miller wrote:

> ...
> Ah. He didn't send them to me (just the list, from examining the headers),
> so of course I didn't get or try them.


> exec.c patch:
> The line number given in this patch is 9 more than the corresponding line in 
> the zsh-4.0.2 source file I have, just as a note.
> Incidentally, according to the irix man page for killpg, you're supposed to
> #define _BSD_SIGNALS or _BSD_COMPAT before signal.h to use it; zsh appears
> to use BSD_SIGNALS (not _BSD_SIGNALS) in configure. However, it still uses
> BSD_SIGNALS in -pws-2. Further, if I take the cc command line for exec.c,
> change cc to gcc, -c to -E, remove -o exec.o, and add -dD to get the macro
> definitions in place, then it looks like none of these *BSD* symbols are
> defined anywhere. The man page also says using BSD and SYSV facilities in
> the same program is strongly discouraged and will result in unpredictable
> behavior, in case you weren't aware (I don't know if zsh does that).

Aha.  Hm, well, is there any Unix where killpg(p, s) does something
different than kill(-p, s)?  If not, we could either change all places
where we use killpg() or just add a killpg macro to zsh.h or signals.h.

> ...
> So it looks like this patch fixes the hanging problem, except that cat still 
> isn't stopped (it is when I do the same test under solaris with 4.0.1).

Yes, it's a lot better already.  You could test if modifying the line I
changed to use kill() instead of killpg() to:

	kill(-jobtab[list_pipe_job].gleader, 0) == -1) {

fixes the problem with cat not being stopped.  (I've only inserted a `-'
before the `jobtab[...]' here.)


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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