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Re: XML version of completion function

On Jul 31, 11:59pm, Felix Rosencrantz wrote:
} Here are some first drafts of a couple XML examples based on the
} _zip & _find files.
} Does this seem useful, yet?  Any suggestions for making it better?
} [ Attachment (text/xml): "find.xml" 51024 bytes
}   find.xml ]
} [ Attachment (text/xml): "zip.xml" 69445 bytes
}   zip.xml ]

Are you really, seriously suggesting that it's worthwhile to expend
50-70 thousand bytes defining the completion for a single command?  
In the case of zip that's 45% larger than the executable; it's even
larger than the executable and its manual page combined.

In find.xml there are about 5500 bytes of actual data, including the
help text ... the other 89% is XML tags.  I'm sorry, I just can't get
excited about this.

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