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Re: _chflags

Akinori MUSHA wrote:

> Attached is the compdef for *BSD's chflags(1) command, which changes
> special file flags.  Please add it if it's okay.

I'll add that (and the _sysctl change).

Is the nodump flag defintely turned off with nonodump then (as opposed
to just dump)?

According to the man page you referenced, the flags are specified as a
comma separated list so I would suggest you replace the flags= and
compadd lines with something like:

_values -s , 'file flag'

but if descriptions for the flags might be useful, you could use things
'(noarch)arch[set archived]' to _values.
It would be nice to use _arguments for the options. Are the options
different on net/openbsd or different versions of FreeBSD? Do they all
use the comma separated list of flags?


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