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Re: PATCH: new and updated completions

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> There is no reason, ever, to use $args[@].
> Either ksharrays is set, in which case you need ${args[@]}, or it is not
> set, in which case $args is equivalent and microscopically faster.

I thought about this once ages ago but didn't mention it. I've just
followed what seems to be the convention in the completion functions. In
the functions, there are:

2 occurences of ${expl[@]} 
3 occurences of $expl and
139 occurences of $expl[@]

So it is not just my fault. I had assumed that it was done this way for
a reason such as handling a strange option combination or that it was
considered more readable to have the [@] there. Maybe someone does have
a reason?


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