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Re: EOF exiting shell

On Aug 15,  7:49pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} Subject: Re: EOF exiting shell
} Peter Stephenson wrote:
} > > (although for me it never exits with IGNOREEOF set).
} > 
} > Right, I suppose that's a real bug, although I don't know anything about
} > its history.
} Any comments on this?  Should I install the patch, giving the documented
} behaviour?

The history is reflected in the thread leading up to zsh-workers/12485.
An EOF generated by ^D never used to get to ZLE at all, and this was
deemed annoying because it meant you couldn't override it with a user-
defined widget.

So 12485 changed it to be handled by zle, but then if you DON'T have a
user-defined widget, it never exits.

I haven't checked your patch to see how it interacts with user-defined
widgets bound to the EOF character.  As long as it doesn't revert us back
to the days when that wasn't possible, you can probably apply it.

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