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Thoughts on new zstyles for _arguments...

I was using the "find" example for the XML stuff, and the completion    
for the "-fstype" got me thinking about some enhancements to            
_arguments.  I noticed that -fstype does not complete ext2 or some      
other filesystems available on my linux box.  It is possible to edit    
this file.  But it would also be great if it was possible to edit the   
list of constants via a style.                                          

Such a style might have the ability to edit the existing set of         
constant values (removing&adding values).  One possible syntax to use;  
-* specifies to remove all existing entries, +value would add "value",  
and -value would remove "value".  Also, it seems like it should be      
possible to add descriptions to values, so "+value:description" would   
add "value" as a possible completion, with the given description.       

Likewise it should be possible to edit via a style actions specified    
via the "(( ))" syntax, like the "find" "-type" flag.                   

Also, it seems like it should be possible via styles to configure       
constants for actions that have no completions, such in the case of the 
"find" "-links" flag.  (Can _values or one of the completion utility    
functions complete printf-style format strings.  Basically, complete    
%-symbol syntax in a string that can contain other arbitrary text.)     

Maybe it should be possible for the user to override the completion     
action for any _arguments action.  So it would be possible to specify   
a completion command, rather than just constants, or constants rather   
than the command found in the completion function.                      


p.s. i've done some more xml stuff, wrote some xsl scripts.  will send details tomorrow.

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author