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Re: Working toward 4.0.3

On Sep 8, 11:00am, Wayne Davison wrote:
} Is there anything on the trunk that we don't want to release in 4.0.3?

There's everything since 4.0.1 that was deliberately left out of 4.0.2,
none of which has really been made less experimental in the meantime.
Primarily this means the zsh/net/tcp module and changes to other modules
to rely on it.

Since 4.0.2:

"zle -K" is not necessary (but probably OK).

Many of the doc changes are not necessary (though also probably OK, but
would have to be filtered for things we aren't releasing).

Removing "=alias" is a maybe (PWS didn't commit it to the branch).

The completion menu-selection stuff for multiple equivalent options may
not have been tested enough.

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