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Re: ansi2knr proposed update

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:Geoff Wing wrote:
:> 2) don't distribute ansi2knr.c in the main bundle but leave the
:>    hooks in and tell people where to find ansi2knr.c
:>    I don't think it would be a problem to put them in a separate
:>    directory on the zsh FTP mirrors
:This sounds OK, since I don't think many people are using ansi2knr any
:more, but is there anything wrong with copying it into the C file?

Updated suggestion:
Make subdirectory "GPL" (or something"/GPL") on FTP site.
Put LICENCE (zsh licence) into main FTP directory.
Remove ansi2knr.c from main distribution
Make "configure --enable-ansi2knr" bomb out if it can't find ansi2knr

This way we're only distributing stuff in our main bundle under the
Zsh LICENCE and if people want other stuff under a different licence
we provide pointers for them (i.e. see main FTP site).

Geoff Wing  <gcw@xxxxxxxxx>
rxvt stuff  <gcw@xxxxxxxx>
zsh stuff   <gcw@xxxxxxx>

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