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RE: zsh: fatal error: out of memory

My mistake.. the file size should have been 168560 bytes
not k bytes...   

By "type of problem", I assumed the problem is in the sheer
size of the history file.  I did not realize the format 
is different than what zsh expects.  

The shell history file would have been created from ksh.
It looks like ksh is used as a default shell for all the
users on that box..


-----Original Message-----

} The .sh_history file is 168560k and 7952 lines..
			Really?  That would be 21700 bytes per line,
			average, which seems a bit unbelievable.

} but maybe zsh should handle this type of problem..

The question is, what is "this type".  I think it's more likely that the
problem is:

} each line starts with one or more <nul> characters followed
} by the command strings..

Zsh assumes that a history file consists only of the commands themselves;
even when `extended_history' is set, it inserts time stamps in `: ...;'
form so that they can be interpreted as commands. 

Any idea which shell created the .sh_history file in the first place?

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