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Re: Various vared problems with screen refresh, etc.

On Aug 14, I wrote:
} Third problem:  After finding the desired word with incremental search,
} forward-char or backward-char can be used (this is not the problem yet)
} to break out of the search and move around.  However, the cursor doesn't
} begin responding immediately -- in fact, it freezes until you stop typing
} for a while, and then suddenly jumps.  Thereafter it behaves normally
} again.  This seems to be a problem with 4.1.x-dev that is NOT a problem
} with 4.0.1 (haven't tried it in 4.0.2), and it's also not restricted to
} vared.

I've finally figured out what this is:  The BAUD parameter was set in my
4.1.0-dev shells but unset in 4.0.1.  This probably has to do with how I
started up the shells (4.0.1 is installed, 4.1.0-dev I'm running out of a
build tree, and I have conditional code to `unset BAUD' in startup files).

This is at least a bug in the documentation.  BAUD is listed as a parameter
used by the shell, not one set by the shell, and I'm not assigning to it.

Looking at Src/params.c, I see BAUD gets set when HAVE_SELECT is defined.
Nowadays this is probably the case more often than it is not.

Would anyone object to moving the BAUD doc into the "set by" section?  It
probably ought to get at least a cross-reference somewhere in the ZLE
section as well.

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