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Re: Dedication

Dear Clint,

If you feel your time has been "wasted by the aftermath", maybe you should
consider not further wasting other people's time by submitting such an
insensitive post during this dreadful time. I personally feel I'd rather
"waste time" being saddened by the event than being offended reading your

And how are hijackings and terrorism not our business?


> I took some small comfort until recently that zsh-workers was
> the only mailing list I'm on where things of this nature
> weren't discussed as if it were on-topic.
> Many of my waking moments are wasted by the aftermath of
> whatever one would call the events getting so much attention.
> I can avoid the jingoistic hate speech by turning off the
> TV or walking away, depending on the source.  I can delete
> the long threads on software project mailing lists calling for
> condemnation, letters of sympathy, webpage blackening,
> and other such gestures, and the flame wars over the
> propriety of such actions.  I can wear a mask to make my
> lungs burn a little less when I have to breathe the fumes
> from the WTC fires and Con Ed generators.  I'm digressing.
> I'd question the propriety of such a dedication in a book,
> whether "meatspace" or in "digital" form.  I might view it
> as presumptuous.  I question both the propriety and the
> value of the proposed dedication of a Z-Shell release.  I
> vaguely recall Zefram urging some sort of action regarding
> one of many attacks on personal freedom, and it being
> regarded as none of our business.  How are plane hijackings
> our business?
> No hard feelings if the dedication is made.

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