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Re: history problems

This works fine for me, and I think the proposed semantic change is

  - vin

Wayne Davison <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> > This is an unintended side-effect of Wayne's patch in 15806.  One
> > possible fix is appended; Wayne may have a better idea.
> Here's my suggested fix.
> Since the fcgetcomm() function is only called when doing a history list,
> I don't see why the function is complaining if the numeric values are
> out of bounds -- the list function fixes these up to be valid already.
> So, I changed the function to just limit the lower range so that it
> couldn't return a -1.  I also allow the user to be able to type a
> history number of 0.
> Also, I can't find any reason for the "minflag" code to exist.  Way back
> before I started changing things, it looks to me like the code that used
> the minflag value could never get executed.  So, I've removed minflag.
> The end result is that the user can now type invalid values and have
> them get rounded off.  For instance, "history 0 99999" will output the
> entire history buffer, as will "history -99999 99999".  (Older zsh
> versions would reject this as invalid because of the too-high end
> value.)  Someone wanting to output a single line would use something
> like this: "history -20 1" (since the ending value will get rounded up
> to the first value).
> Anyone believe that this should work differently?
> ..wayne..

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