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Re: trap for EXIT doesn't catch exit?

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I don't think it's sufficient to simulate exiting the scopes, because the
> traps have to execute as if they're in the scope where they were installed.
> It may be necessary to actually unwind the stack; at least it's necessary
> to call endparamscope() and endtrapscope() the correct number of times.

Yes, that eventually occurred to me.

> We may want to bring this up on the shell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list.

Possibly a good idea, but the other shells' behaviour, having an exit trap
only for the shell, already seems to be standard.  We would need to treat
it specially as an option.  It's a bit of pain because this works

18:34% ksh
$ foo() { trap 'echo exit' EXIT; }
$ foo
$ exit

while most (or maybe all) other traps in ksh are local.  That is, at least,
an argument for our way of doing it.

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