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Re: PATCH: printf builtin

On Sep 21, 11:58am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} I'll put the ksh print -f functionality on my todo list though. It makes
} sense to combine the -b, -m, -s, -o, -O, -i, -u, -p, -z, -D and -P
} options with -f. -r, -R, -n, -l, -N and -c would make no sense to
} combine. -l and -N would be fairly redundant because it would be better
} to use a format of "%s\n" or "%s\0" so they should perhaps then be
} declared obsolete. -P (and maybe -D) is also perhaps slightly
} unfortunate because a %P format specification might be better.

This all sounds fine except that I don't see any reason to declare any of
the existing options obsolete.

There is a bit of an issue with respect to combining with -s and -z, as
those at present imply -n, and -z also implies -r; the question is what
to do with trailing newlines if they appear in the format string.

(This'll be my last message until late Sunday, as I'm off to a wedding in
Yosemite National Park.)

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