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I've uploaded .gz and .bz2 files of 4.1.0-dev-2.  Here's the changelog if
you're wondering whether to fetch it.

2001-09-27  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* Config/version.mk, Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Doc/Zsh/.distfiles, Functions/Misc/.distfiles,
	Functions/Zle/.distfiles, Test/.distfiles: version 4.1.0-dev-2,
	with the usual fix for the list of distributed files.

2001-09-25  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15871, 15872: Src/subst.c, Test/D04parameter.ztst: Equivalence
	of `...` and $(...) in parameter substitutions, e.g. ${(e)...}.

2001-09-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15868, 15869: Src/text.c: job text building code couldn't handle
	empty sublists (as in `coproc || test')

2001-09-25  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15866: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh:
	complete v2 ciphers after -o Ciphers=,
	complete protocol numbers after -o Protocol.

2001-09-24  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15865: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: Fix ancient `print -z' doc bug
	(see zsh-workers/214 (yes, really, 214)).

	* 15864: Doc/Zsh/params.yo: Document that assignment to TERM
	is necessary to re-initialize the terminal.

	* users/4269: Src/hist.c: Detect and reject corrupted history
	files ('\0' bytes) rather than consuming all available memory.

2001-09-24  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* Src/builtin.c, Src/exec.c: Unwind function calls before exiting
	shell from exit command to allow EXIT traps to run.

2001-09-21  Andrew Main (Zefram)  <zefram@xxxxxxx>

	* Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Misc/tetris: Tetris game for ZLE.

2001-09-20  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15847: Src/init.c: Avoid using the word "termcap" in an error
	message when it may in fact have been curses or terminfo that

2001-09-19  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15846: aczsh.m4: Fix attempt to restore LDFLAGS from non-existent
	saved value when testing RTLD_GLOBAL.

2001-09-18  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15836: Src/builtin.c: Further modify the "fc -l" code to tolerate
	out-of range values.

2001-09-17  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15837: Src/Zle/zle_hist.c: Fixed incremental search in vared
	(without -h) so that it doesn't access the history.

2001-09-16  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* Akinori MUSHA: 15815: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg: More
	detailed completion of package options on different BSD flavors.

2001-09-15  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15812: Doc/Makefile.in, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: Include mod_tcp.yo in
	MODDOCSRC.  Cross-reference parameters used by ZLE.

2001-09-14  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15809: Src/hist.c: With HIST_NO_STORE, don't ignore what looks like
	a history command if we're really going to call a user-defined shell

2001-09-13  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15806: Src/builtin.c, Src/hist.c: Fixed "r" with an empty history
	and the non-storing nature of "r" with HIST_NO_STORE.

2001-09-12  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15792: Doc/Zsh/manual.yo, Doc/Zsh/metafaq.yo: update url
	references to http://zsh.sunsite.dk/

2001-09-11  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15781: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_samba: new completion for samba tools

	* unposted: Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript: complete ascii
	character class added in 15765

2001-09-10  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15783: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/mod_tcp.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/.distfiles: document ztcp builtin.

	* 15780: Src/Modules/tcp.c: tweak variable name.

	* 15779: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -d (specify fd)
	for ztcp.

	* unposted: Src/Modules/tcp.c:
	don't segfault on -a if the session table is empty,
	and other fixes.  

	* 15772: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -t (test) for ztcp.

2001-09-09  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* David Lebel: 15742: zshconfig.ac: Shared object linkage on

2001-09-09  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15770: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h:
	add -a (accept) for ztcp.

	* 15768: Src/Modules/tcp.c:
	take service names in lieu of numbers,
	and stuff fd numbers into $REPLY instead
	of printing them.

	* 15766: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h:
	add -l (listen) for ztcp.

2001-09-08  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15765: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo, Src/pattern.c:
	introduce [:ascii:] class.

	* 15763: Src/Modules/tcp.c: add -v (verbose)
	for ztcp.

	* 15762: Src/Modules/tcp.c, Src/Modules/tcp.h,
	Src/Modules/tcp.mdd, Src/Modules/zftp.c:
	introduce ztcp builtin.

2001-09-06  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15740: Completion/compaudit: don't whine about
	/usr/local/**/*(/) in $fpath being root:staff 2755
	if we think we're on Debian.

	* 15739: Completion/compaudit: use getent instead
	of /etc/group if possible.

2001-09-03  Andrew Main (Zefram)  <zefram@xxxxxxx>

	* 15734: Doc/Zsh/zle.yo, Src/Zle/zle_hist.c, Src/Zle/zle_keymap.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_main.c, Src/Zle/zle_misc.c, Src/Zle/zle_params.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_thingy.c: zle -K option to select a keymap, and zle
	KEYMAP parameter to examine the current selection.

2001-08-28  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15722: Completion/Unix/Command/_sh: handle zsh options.

	* 15720: Functions/Misc/zmv: use ${(e)...} as suggested by
	Bart; fix problem with option arguments with special characters;
	more consistency with shifting arguments; fix verbose mode
	output with backslashes.

2001-08-28  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15717: Src/subst.c, Src/Modules/parameter.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_misc.c: handle possible NULL pointer returned from

2001-08-27  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15713: Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm: added package-specification
	options to the --verify command.

2001-08-27  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15708: Src/lex.c: Fix PS2 prompt when there's an open double
	quote inside an open braced-parameter expression.

2001-08-25  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15707: Src/init.c: Fix history crash caused by re-entering
	loop() when the `precmd' shell function uses `source' or `.'.

	* 15702: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: Alphabetize (mostly) parameter flag
	descriptions; fix a couple of typos; parameter rule #12.
2001-08-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15705: Src/Zle/complete.c: test if hash table pointer is NULL
	to avoid SEGV with compstate=()

2001-08-22  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15683: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_links: completion for

2001-08-22  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15676: Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/A05execution.ztst,
	Test/C02cond.ztst, Test/D04parameter.ztst, Test/E01options.ztst,
	Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/Y01completion.ztst,
	Test/Y03arguments.ztst:  Tweak %prep sections to exit sooner on
	certain failures (by adding blank lines).  Other whitespace-only
	changes.  Avoid [[ ! -r ... ]] test when running as root, as it
	always fails in that case.  Test `typeset -ft' (function trace).
	* 15608: Completion/Zsh/Command/_cd: Don't treat numbers as
	cd-able vars.

2001-08-21  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15675: Src/Builtins/rlimits.awk: handle case
	where RLIM_NLIMITS is set to a number within an

2001-08-21  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* users/4157 (plus workers/15674): Completion/Unix/Command/_man:
	Better handling of section numbers.

2001-08-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15669: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate,
	Src/Zle/compcore.c: undo most of 15650, do that in shell code

2001-08-18  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15617: Src/exec.c: Fix exit status of zsh -fc '! command'.

2001-08-17  Adam Spiers  <adam@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_adam2_setup: eliminate
	horrible inefficiencies resulting from avoidable fork()s

2001-08-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15653: Completion/Base/Core/_main_complete: make insert-tab
	really default to `true'

	* 15650: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files, Src/Zle/compcore.c: fix 
	test for expanded paths in _path_files; more intelligently move
	glob flags (in particular those added by _approximate) after a

2001-08-16  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15647: Functions/Misc/zcalc:  with output not showing the
	base (e.g. [##16]) reuse of previous values didn't work.

2001-08-16  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15639: Src/text.c: fix bug for output of unquoted here-docs and
	-strings with special characters

	* 15638: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate: make sure that
	there is one of the group-options before using it

2001-08-15  Geoff Wing  <gcw@xxxxxxx>
	* 15621: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: display of status line was being
	mucked up; also fix continuation markers "<...." and "<....>"

	* unposted: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: fix possible seg fault on a
	screen height shrink

2001-08-15  Adam Spiers  <adam@xxxxxxxxxx>

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: mention the word `greedy' in the
	docs for the S flag, to make it easier to find for those used to

	* unposted: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: add missing docs for cache-policy

	* 15630: Completion/Redhat/Command/_rpm: update caching policy
	for newer versions of rpm.

2001-08-14  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15629: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: unzip -Z
	should behave the same as zipinfo.

2001-08-13  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15613 (plus unposted additions): Test/B02typeset.ztst: Tests for
	correct behavior of typeset options and arguments.

	* 15611: Src/builtin.c, Test/D06subscript.ztst: Fix crash bug when
	assigning to array elements in a function in the arguments of
	typeset or local.  Change test for new typeset restrictions.

2001-08-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15615: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: -[12n] options don't
	get arguments

2001-08-12  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* Peter Breitenlohner: 14956: Makefile.in, Doc/Makefile.in,
	Test/Makefile.in: Fix various interactions of DESTDIR and use of
	multiple build targets, e.g. "make DESTDIR=/tmp all check info".

2001-08-09  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15606: Completion/Unix/Command/_dd: add exclusion lists

	* 15599: Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin: detect redhat or
	mandrake before completing redhat's extensions

2001-08-08  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15596: Src/Zle/compmatch.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: Silence some compiler warnings.

2001-08-08  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15597: Completion/Unix/Command/_dd, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: follow-up to 15588; add -w option to
	_values (look at all words); change _dd back

2001-08-07  Wayne Davison  <wayned@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* users/4092: Src/hist.c: Don't lose the last history line
	when a signal causes us to rewrite the history file.

2001-08-07  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15594: Completion/Zsh/Context/_value,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_enable: use _x_display when setting
	$DISPLAY and fix substitution mistake in enable completion

	* 15590: Completion/Zsh/Context/_equal: after 15586, we no
	longer want to complete aliases in the equal context

2001-08-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15588: Completion/Base/Completer/_approximate,
	Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Completion/Unix/Command/_dd:
	make _dd not use already used specs; fix for selecting stuff to
	complete in _describe; fix for correction and _describe with
	grouped lists

2001-08-07  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15586: Src/subst.c, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: remove =alias expansion,
	so `=' only expands pathnames.  Hooray!

	* 15585: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo, Functions/Zle/bash-down-case-word,
	Functions/Zle/bash-up-case-word: two new Zle functions with
	bash-style word boundaries.

	* 15583: Config/installfns.sh: ignore CVS directories for
	all function installations, not just with subdirectories.

2001-08-07  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15584: Src/parse.c: increment zwc file version (which means
	changing the magic number)

2001-08-06  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15574: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs, Completion/Unix/Command/_dd,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_dict, Completion/Unix/Command/_grep,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_loadkeys, Completion/Unix/Command/_ls,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_patch, Completion/Unix/Command/_user_admin,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_wget, Completion/Unix/Type/_diff_options,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_directories,  Completion/Unix/Type/_groups,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_users: new _user_admin for useradd, groupmod etc,
	rewrite of _dd to use _values and make more completions share
	descriptions for long and short options

2001-08-03  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15562, Akinori Musha: 15559, 15563: Completion/BSD/Command/_chflags,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_chown, Completion/Unix/Command/_sysctl:
	new BSD completion and fix _chown for symlinks

2001-07-31  Clint Adams  <clint@xxxxxxx>

	* 15551: Completion/Unix/Command/_gzip: handle -l and -t
	as done for -d; only complete presumably compressed files.

2001-07-31  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15549: Test/Y03arguments.ztst: fix for changed listing layout

2001-07-30  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15526: Completion/Base/Utility/_arguments, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	change order in which compgroups adds groups; add comment to
	_arguments trying to explain how and why the return value is

2001-07-28  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* 15511: Functions/Misc/zcalc, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: make
	zcalc prompt configurable and allow ^D to exit.

2001-07-27  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15509: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/compresult.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: improve grouped listings some more, so that
	TABs walk along the first column first; improve list_packed

2001-07-27  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15508: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: cvs tag told you it was
	going to complete a tag, but then didn't.

	* 15507: Functions/Misc/zcalc, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo: new zcalc
	shell function.

2001-07-26  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15503: Test/E01options.ztst: fix posixbuiltins test so that it
	isn't broken by the existence of a print external command.

2001-07-26  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15498: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/zle.yo: fix cross-refs
	for zle builtins and add extra texinfo nodes for zle keymaps,
	builtins and widgets.

2001-07-25  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15489: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe: Fix typo.

	* 15488: Doc/Zsh/expn.yo: More index entry cleanup.  Reorder the
	description section to look less as if it has two menus in info
	and to add some cross-references.

2001-07-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15487: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/complete.c:
	move pattern matching in the loop to make sure all match specs
	are used

	* 15485: Completion/Unix/Command/_lzop,
	Completion/Zsh/Type/_file_descriptors, Completion/Zsh/Type/_jobs:
	some more places where list-separator should be used

	* 15484: Completion/AIX/Command/_lscfg,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_printers, Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle,
	Completion/Zsh/Context/_subscript, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: another fix for 15477 (separator strings);
	add list-separator style

	* 15482: Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/computil.c: fixlet for 15477, don't let it remove
	consecutive dummy matches

	* 15477: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Doc/Zsh/compwid.yo,
	Src/Zle/comp.h, Src/Zle/compcore.c, Src/Zle/complete.c,
	Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	make display for groups in _describe nicer; improve packing
	with list_packed; leave space for type character (list_types)
	only in groups with at least one file name

2001-07-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15470: Src/parse.c: remove nulargs in here strings

2001-07-24  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15472: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo: Fix errors
	introduced by 15354.

2001-07-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15468: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: improve user/host
	completion before a @

2001-07-20  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15432: Functions/Zle/bash-transpose-words, Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo:
	new bash-branspose-words widget.

2001-07-20  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15433: Src/Zle/computil.c: don't use compsuffix when it might
	be freed; use the right variable in that loop there, dammit

2001-07-19  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15415: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	yet another followup to 15407; make _describe filter out
	non-matching strings before calling compdescribe, otherwise
	some matches will be hiddens

2001-07-18  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15409: Src/Zle/computil.c: fix for 15407; there may be sets
	without matches

	* 15407: Completion/Base/Utility/_describe,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo,
	Src/Zle/complist.c, Src/Zle/compresult.c, Src/Zle/computil.c:
	add list-grouped option to make options and such be grouped
	together if they have the same description; matches with
	line-display strings can be hidden; hi and du capabalities in
	complist are only used if set by the user

	* 15402 (Akinora Musha): Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: add
	support for -R option on BSDs

2001-07-17  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@xxxxxxx>

	* 15393 (Akinori Musha): Completion/Unix/Command/_chown: use
	colon separator for BSD

2001-07-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15400: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files,
	Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: add
	preserve-prefix style to keep pathname prefix unchanged

2001-07-13  Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@xxxxxxx>

	* 15278 (Sven), 15390: Completion/Unix/Command/_mount,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: more Cygwin support
	15278 was accidentally committed by me

2001-07-13  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15389: Completion/Unix/Type/_files,
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: make _files not use its own
	description if there is one from a calling function; improve
	-P-prefix handling in _path_files

2001-07-11  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15375: Doc/Zsh/options.yo: Explain the effect of CORRECT on
	HASH_CMDS et al.

2001-07-10  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15357: Completion/Base/Completer/_prefix, Src/Zle/compcore.c,
	Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: prefix completion: make e-o-c-p leave a
	space before the cursor, make _prefix leave the cursor after
	the inserted match even if only a single match; and make the
	C-code not show explanation strings if the completion function
	it doesn't want a list

2001-07-10  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@xxxxxxx>

	* 15354: Doc/Zsh/arith.yo, Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/compat.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/files.yo, Doc/Zsh/func.yo, Doc/Zsh/grammar.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/intro.yo, Doc/Zsh/invoke.yo, Doc/Zsh/jobs.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/manual.yo, Doc/Zsh/params.yo, Doc/Zsh/prompt.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/redirect.yo:  Add or clean up a lot of index entries.
	Reorder the documentation for prompt escapes for readability and
	ease of lookup (I hope).

2001-07-10  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@xxxxxxx>

	* 15352: Completion/Unix/Command/_man: remove not only numeric
	suffixes, but also `.n' and the like

2001-07-09  Peter Stephenson  <pws@xxxxxxx>

	* 15334: Src/builtin.c, Test/A01grammar.ztst, Test/A02alias.ztst,
	Test/A04redirect.ztst, Test/C01arith.ztst, Test/D01prompt.ztst,
	Test/D04parameter.ztst, Test/D06subscript.ztst,
	Test/E01options.ztst, Test/E02xtrace.ztst, Test/V01zmodload.ztst:
	Another companion piece to 15327 to use `(eval)' as the script
	name in an eval.  This neatens the test code considerably.

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