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Re: error on TTY read: no such file or directory

On Sep 30,  2:20am, Zefram wrote:
} The strace output you're getting shows the kernel violating the rules
} of the read() API; but if that may be broken, then it's also possible
} that ptrace() or strace is broken instead.

I don't think it's ptrace/strace that's broken, as the error output
that he's getting from zsh when not tracing is consistent with a > 1
return value from read().

I'd be suspicious that the kernel is expecting a 64-bit value as the
third argument to read() and is getting only a 32-bit value -- but in
that case I'd expect strace to show the whole 64 bits so that we'd be
able to tell how many bytes read() really was looking for; and that
would leave the question of where the other 1024 bytes came from, and
why stuffing 1025 bytes through the address of a single character on
the stack doesn't cause a more serious meltdown ...

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