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Re: Very odd behaviour with zsh, maybe corruption bug

On Oct 11, 11:57am, martin.ebourne@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} SunOS gdd-odybin2 5.6 Generic_105181-28 sun4u sparc
} SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise-10000
} gdd-odybin2% +_down_fn:3> [[ new-up == new-up ]]
} +_down_fn:8> [[ "abc
} def" == *
} * ]]
} +_down_fn:10> _searching=
} +_down_fn:11> zle .down-line-or-history

I can't reproduce this on my linux machine, even after ten minutes or so
of fooling with it.

For [[ ]], the trace output is generated before the right-hand-side is
copied and compiled into a pattern for comparison to the left-hand-side,
so it could be the case that memory errors result in a bad comparison;
but they'd be far more likely to produce a "bad pattern" error instead.

This is a long, long, long shot, but:  You don't happen to be using a
debug trap?  (I.e., a TRAPDEBUG function, or `trap ... DEBUG')

Have you tried configuring with --enable-zsh-debug ?

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