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Re: differences between the two branches

On Oct 12,  2:38pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} To be honest I must have missed the suggestion of keeping the ChangeLog
} entries the same in both branches when you first mentioned it.  Do you
} include the lines with the dates and full ordering in that?

Yes; if you include the same date lines, diff tends to sync up between the
entries, in which case a
} few messy things like the last completion change where I excluded the
} _wget changes from the stable branch but included the rest
are easy to see, rather than getting lost in large swaths of "+" or "-"
lines in the diff output.  At least, it works more of the time than it
does if the entries are differently dated/ordered.

} Anyway to make this task easier, I passed both ChangeLogs through a bit
} of sed to extract just the entries, wrapped onto one line each.

Hmm, a bit of perl could probably help here.  It should be possible to
gobble up the entries to sort them by article number without actually
unfolding them.  I might fiddle with that later.

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