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How about MODDIR being configure'able?

    Hello all :))

    I'm new to this list an a-kinda-new for ZSH, and I would like to
follow and contribute to its development.

    I have a suggestion (I don't remember if I posted this a few
months ago, when I first used ZSH), for the next version 4.0.3:

    I would like to set up the MODDIR (directory where binary modules
of ZSH reside) through 'configure', and not by defining MODDIR prior
to compile and install using make.

    Defining the variable is quite error prone and I think that the
modules directory should be fully configurable.

    How about it?. I'm not familiar to autoconf, so I'm afraid I
cannot make the appropriate patches.

    Moreover, there is a call to mktemp that should be replaced with
a call to mkstemp in 'utils.c' for safety.

    BTW, is there any place where I can get the current development
version of ZSH for testing?

    That's all, an thanks a lot for ZSH :)


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author