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Re: How about MODDIR being configure'able?

    Hello Bart :)

>MODDIR is $(libdir)/zsh/$(VERSION).  You can't change the zsh/$(VERSION)
>part without breaking things

    Oh, what a pity :(( I've tried to change it thru the Makefile and
it seems to compile OK, but I haven't tested yet.

>}     Moreover, there is a call to mktemp that should be replaced with
>} a call to mkstemp in 'utils.c' for safety.
>No, we've been over this before; there's even a comment in utils.c to
>this effect:

    Please, accept my excuses then. I'm afraid I didn't read the
code, just the linker output and I assumed (incorrectly) that
'mktemp()' was being used in an unsafe way. Next time I'll read the
code before O:)

>}     BTW, is there any place where I can get the current development
>} version of ZSH for testing?
>It's available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/zsh/.

    Thanks a lot. I am seeing that the people at this list are all
good people :)) I'm glad to be here :)


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