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Re: ignore-line style

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

> ...
> As far as I can tell, this works very well. I've included testing of
> this mixed with the ignored-patterns style and all seems well. The
> explanation makes sense so hopefully there are no "other effects".
> Thanks.

I was fearing problems with the ignore-parents style, but all the
things I tried worked as before.

> If this constitutes having got it working better as you said in you
> first reply then I'd like to look at adding some of the suggestions I
> made.

Yep, I think. We should probably make that depend on another style
anyway (one that default to true -- ignore-same or something better).

> For the styles, that was quoting to avoid globs, file like globs,
> skipping command words and skipping options. To achieve file like
> globs, one way would be to eval the words (something similar to
> _expand) which would have the advantage of expanding braces and
> variables too but process substitutions would be a problem. Have you
> got any other ideas or suggestions?

Only what I think you are thinking about anyway: making some of the
new values modifiers, e.g.:

  zstyle '...' ignore-line other quote

where `quote' is a modifier `working on' `other'.

> The other suggestion was modifying _diff etc to set up the ignoring
> without the need for a style. Can that be done better at the _files or
> _arguments level at all? For what situations do you use the style and
> can anyone think of any other commands where this ignoring could be
> useful?

Damn, I hoped you had an idea, ready to be implemented ;-)

I'm not sure, either. Probably the cleanest solution would be to give
_description an option to tell it which ignore-line value should be
used as the default. But that would need changes in every utility
function calling _description to pass down that option, which isn't 

And using a completion-system-global parameter to pass this
information to _description isn't clean either.



Sven Wischnowsky                    wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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