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Re: multibyte backwarddeletechar

Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxx> typed:
:For one thing, the %D escape in my prompt is substituted with
:multibyte glyphs in the relevant locales.  That in itself
:poses a potential width calculation problem even if the user
:doesn't input any multibyte characters.

I understand a lot of the limitations, having programmed from both
ends of the system (output to a terminal and interpret such output
in a terminal emulator).  And your initial list covers the basic
areas: deleting characters, basic cursor movement

But what happens when I do, say, "history-incremental-search-backward",
input characters for the second half a multibyte glyph, then do
"kill-line"?  What happens when I do, "down-case-word" when we only
consider byte by byte (which may easily corrupt the second byte of a
two-byte glyph)?  These are a couple off the top of my head.
There'll be quite a few more and I think they'd need to be tracked down
and considered before we make changes in this area.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from looking at this and hope I
don't but would rather they have a broader overview so that if we
do change then we have a well planned method rather than trying to
hack each area separately.

Geoff Wing | gcw@xxxxxxxxx | gcw@xxxxxxxx | gcw@xxxxxxx

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