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Re: Mac OS X error

Steven Farrier wrote:
> > You might want to look at
> >   ftp://ftp.zsh.org/pub/development/
> > which has a reasonably recent development version including pre-built
> > manual pages.
> I tried to compiled this and it failed
> 4.0.2 also failed to compile. Both compiles ended with this

Changes were made since 4.0.2 and since 4.1.0-dev-2 to fix the
problems. In this case, it needed to use the -Wl,-x option to ld
instead of -s.

Peter has just made 4.0.3 available so it is on ftp.zsh.org. If you
could check that on MacOS X, that would be very useful. It also will
contain the documentation so you won't have the problems with yodl
which you had with the snapshots.

Steven Farrier wrote:
> Damn post sent before I finished
> On this web site
> http://fink.sourceforge.net/doc/porting/shared.php

Yes, their documentation was invaluable in getting zsh working with the
dlcompat library.

Anyway, if you still get the libm related errors with 4.0.3 then I'll
worry about it then. What version of MacOS X have you got?


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