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Re: Monolithic zsh with an attitude

On Oct 28,  9:29pm, Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado wrote:
} [...] 'configure' doesn't provide a way of choosing whether the
} modules must be included in the monolithic zsh (that's obvious too,
} and desirable).

If you read the INSTALL file, you'll find the answers you seek:

 The key to the module system is the file config.modules, created in
 the configuration process.  In the normal case that dynamic loading is
 available, all modules relevant to your configuration will be compiled
 and installed as separate files, so unless you want the modules to be
 loaded by default you don't need to do anything.  For a non-dynamic zsh,
 the default is to compile the complete, compctl, zle, computil, complist,
 sched, parameter, zleparameter and rlimits modules into the shell, and
 you will need to edit config.modules to make any other modules available.

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