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Re: .zsh_history bugreport

On Oct 30, 10:25am, Wayne Davison wrote:
} One other potential change: Should readhistline() return "start"
} instead of "0" when fgets() fails? [...] if we've got some characters
} in the string, I figure we might as well return them. Do you agree?

I considered that when first rewriting readhistline(), but ...

I think it's more likely that if the history file is corrupted, then we
should treat the line as entirely unusable, rather than possibly push
garbage into the history list.  It's not overtly harmful, of course,
since history entries don't get executed directly, but once there's junk
in the history it may be confusing for many users to figure out how to
get it *out* of the history again (particularly without losing what comes
before and after it).

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