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Re: Mandrake urpmi suite completion

Borsenkow Andrej wrote:
> O.K. attached is completion for (part of) urpmi programs on Mandrake.

> Should it go into Completion/Mandrake?

Sounds like as good a place as any.

> Suggestions for it are welcome.

Okay, here's a few suggestions then:

>     urpmi )

>             "(--help)--auto-select[select the pakages to update]" \

You've got a typo here:                          ^^^

> case "$state" in
>     media_url )
>         if compset -P file://; then
>             _files -W / -/ && return 0

Is that right? If so, uprmi is using a dodgy file url format. After
file:// it would normally be a hostname with file names occurring after
file:/. You're also losing the _urls feature of completing the current
directory after `file:' which I find really useful.

If it would be useful here, it would be easy to modify _urls to take -/
in addition to -g (which it already takes and passes to _files).

>         elif compset -P removable_cdrom_\?://; then
>             _files -/ && return 0
>         elif compset -P removable_; then
>             compadd -S "" -- cdrom_ floppy_ && return 0
>         elif [[ -prefix '(ftp|http):' ]]; then
>             _url && return 0

Do you mean _urls there?

>         else
>             compadd -- file:// http:// ftp:// removable_

An _wanted with description would be nice here (and similarly further


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