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Re: Local history

Peter Stephenson wrote:
> I'm still thinking about a way of getting a local command history.  My

> Does anyone have any experience of or feeling for this?

I don't have any suitable "experience of" but my feeling is that rather
than having separate mechanisms for making different things local
(traps, history, functions, options etc), it would be better if all
these things were available as parameters. Syntactically there then only
needs to be one way to manipulate these structures from the shell. The
syntax here might be just `local .sh.history'. I said something to this
effect on the shell list a while back in reference to local traps.

For these structures (history etc) to be implemented efficiently as
parameters compound variables would help but we might get round it by
just using special types. For some things it would just amount to things
in zsh/parameter being the real data.


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