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Re: Local history

Peter wrote:

> I'm still thinking about a way of getting a local command history.  My
> particular use is so that zcalc and similar functions can 
> keep their own
> data, separate from the main command history.

[Not only does it break lines automatically, it also can't do that right...]

I've been wishing for that, too, when I wrote the nslookup function. Bart
came up with a solution using only fc and the parameters. but unfortunately
that changed the numbers in the currently used history -- not really usable.

I was thinking about doing it only at the very core, namely supporting more
than one history list and a way (option to fc or something) to switch between
these lists. One could then give them names and use $HISTFILE as the prefix
of the filenames for the different histories (or support per-list flags
saying if they are to be saved at all).

That `sounded' not too complicated but I admit that I didn't really look into
it. Maybe it's harder now with all this new history stuff I've not looked at


Sven wischnowsky                            wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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