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Re: Zsh 4.0.4 and Emacs 21.1 in Windows XP

Gary Oberbrunner wrote:
> I'm trying to use Zsh 4.0.4 on Windows XP with Emacs 21.1 in shell-mode. 
>  I compiled both of them from sources.
> Everything works OK except zsh thinks all my input has an extra CR (^M) 
> at the end of each line.

If you mean you are seeing extra ^M's appearing, I don't think this is
specific to Windows, actually.  Here's the entry from the FAQ --- see if
this helps with your problem.

3.10: Why does zsh not work in an Emacs shell mode any more?

  (This information comes from Bart Schaefer and other zsh-workers.)

  Emacs 19.29 or thereabouts stopped using a terminal type of "emacs"
  in shell buffers, and instead sets it to "dumb".  Zsh only kicks in
  its special I'm-inside-emacs initialization when the terminal type
  is "emacs".

  Probably the most reliable way of dealing with this is to look for
  the environment variable `$EMACS', which is set to `t' in
  Emacs' shell mode.  Putting

    [[ $EMACS = t ]] && unsetopt zle

  in your .zshrc should be sufficient.

  Another method is to put

    TERM=emacs exec zsh

  into a file ~/bin/eshell, then `chmod +x ~/bin/eshell', and
  tell emacs to use that as the shell by adding

    (setenv "ESHELL" (expand-file-name "~/bin/eshell"))

  to ~/.emacs.

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