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RE: Zsh 4.0.4 and Emacs 21.1 in Windows XP

> I'm sorry to say that my previous fix, setting CYGWIN to "nobinmode"
> before invoking zsh, doesn't actually work.  My initial test was not a
> proper test at all.  It doesn't seem that setting or not setting
> makes any difference.  Also, I have the same problem with 'bash' as
> so I guess it's not a zsh problem at all.
> I never had this problem before; maybe it's something new in emacs
> or maybe I'm not building/installing cygwin properly.  Oh well, thanks
> for the help.

I cannot reproduce it. I downloaded precompiled binary for emacs-21 off
GNU archives, I have more or less current CVS version of zsh (it dhould
not matter wrt the above problem) and I have current Cygwin
installation. All I did was set ESHELL to d:\cygwin\bin\zsh.exe and
start it in Emacs with M-x shell (that pretty much everything I can do
in emacs; even that took 15 minutes to find out :-)

I have no problems running any command at all; like

MW1G17C% print $options[zle]
MW1G17C% print $CYGWIN

MW1G17C% pwd
MW1G17C% cd
MW1G17C% pwd
MW1G17C% echo $HOME

Sorry, but you probably are better off asking this on Cygwin list,
especially as the problem is not limited to zsh.

BTW my emacs sets TERM to emacs which slightly contradicts with FAQ:

d:\cygwin\bin\zsh.exeMW1G17C% echo $TERM

also HOME is weird (I have different one; may be emacs overwrites it)
and none of rc files are run. Check if you have some unusual setting in
your rc files; try with zsh -f; try with the current Cygwin version.
Finally, why do not you use precompiled binaries for emacs?


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