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zstyle for _arguments feature request

I sent message workers/15664 back in August, but there was no response.

I was asking two things:
 * a feature request that would make it possible to override/edit the
   action field of an _arguments specification via zstyle.  For example in
   _find the -fstype flag spec is missing ext2 used by linux:

    '*-fstype:filesystem type:(ufs 4.2 4.3 nfs tmp mfs S51K S52K)' \

   It would be useful if via zstyle, I could tweak this action to add
   ext2 (or whatever fstype I wanted to add/remove) without having to
   edit _find.

   It seemed that this would be a new use for zstyle, and people might
   have some comments wrt using zstyle to define the completion rather
   than just modifying the behavior of completion.

 * A completer for printf format strings using the "%" string.  I think
   the real benefit would be the ability to see documentation for
   the different format characters.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author