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Re: zstyle for _arguments feature request

Oliver Kiddle wrote:

>Yes, this could be useful. The form in which I'd like to see it in is a
>more general version of the fake-files and fake-parameters styles and
>available in all contexts as opposed to just in _arguments.

I think that would be ok.  Though it would also be nice to remove
some|all entries from the list being provided to the user.  Also, it
would be nice to provide help text for items.  I don't think that can be
currently done with the fake-* styles.

Also, since I was limiting the scope to _arguments, it would be possible
to provide alternative action function or state.

>>    _find the -fstype flag spec is missing ext2 used by linux:
>>     '*-fstype:filesystem type:(ufs 4.2 4.3 nfs tmp mfs S51K S52K)' \
>In the case of this specific issue, should we maybe factor the
>filesystem completion out of _mount into a new _filesystems that can
>also be used here?

Yes, something like that could be done for this specific case.  Playing
with the completion generation stuff, I find that I want to use code
from the "state" actions of existing completion functions a lot.  It's
not possible.  It seems that unless a state is very specific to a
particular command, we should recommend people create new action
functions over action states.

>>    It seemed that this would be a new use for zstyle, and people
>>    might have some comments wrt using zstyle to define the completion
>>    rather than just modifying the behavior of completion.
>We should be careful how we document this. It should be a way of
>tweaking available completions to fake extra matches and should not be
>a substitute for writing functions.

This is the sort of feedback I was interested in.  Though, it's not
clear to me why a completion function is better.  I've sort of thought
that making a completer that got much of it's information via styles
might be easy to create.

>>  * A completer for printf format strings using the "%" string.  I
>>  think the real benefit would be the ability to see documentation for
>>  the different format characters.
>Yes it would be useful but perhaps a little messy to implement. I
>thought about doing printf completion for printf as opposed to find
>which is less useful. I suspect that this might be a good place to use
>_regex_arguments but I've yet to look in any detail.

I believe _regex_arguments is more for complex groups of flags/arguments
not for dealing with completion within a string, but could be wrong.


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