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Re: generic filename completion like "foo --file=ba<tab>"

Will wrote:

> Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > 
> > The new completion system will do this, and has completion of dd
> > arguments as well.  There's no mileage in trying to add this to the
> > old system now.  It's automatic if you run compinit.
> if anyone knows how to do this without using the new completion system
> i'd like to know about it.
> i still don't really understand... is there a way to use parts of the
> new completion system without loading the whole shebang? believe it or
> not, there are certain things that i _don't_ want to complete (or that i
> like doing my own way)... is there a way to load only specific functions
> from the new system?

You can always delete the functions you don't want or, probably better,
create a link farm in a directory pointing to all those functions you want
and then put only that directory in you $fpath before calling compinit.

And of course, for those places where you don't want to complete: just don't
hit TAB there. For the things you like doing your own way you can also write
your own functions or use compdef to make _default be called there. (Unless
you tell us more exactly what and where you do or don't want whatever, we
can't help you much more than this, I think ;-).


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