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Re: PATCH: _file_systems & Re: zstyle for _arguments feature request

Oliver wrote:

> ...
> You mean ignored-patterns right?

Ahem, right :-}

> ...
> I suggest we just try something and see how it goes. Locating it in
> _description might work, assuming that the tag is in the 
context when
> the style is looked up. It might be a bit strange where 
more than one
> compadd is used to add matches.


> ...
> I'm not sure I like that much. We'd just end up with a 
style syntax for
> _generic growing into a compctl like thing. And, we'd find ourself
> having to graft much of this syntax onto every function.

Yes, that's what I want to avoid.

> Another method that might make things a little easier for 
> user's unsure
> about writing whole functions would be to allow simple one line
> completions to be defined thusly:
> compdef '_files -g "*.c"' lcc
> compdef 'compadd one two three' count
> It might be generally useful to allow arguments in the values of
> _comps anyway.

I quite like that idea, doesn't look too hard to implement (that's
me, trying to go through the completion system code in my brain,
sitting in front of this Windows box; but the linux install on my
new machine will be done in a few minutes and then I only need the
network patched and a cable to not feel castrated anymore ;-).


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