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RE: forward: fix for problem under cygwin

> I found a Unixism in zsh that prevents autoloading and function
> from working under cygwin. There are several bits of code that assume
> character offsets are the same as byte offsets in files. I've fixed
this by
> either opening files in binary mode or relaxing the error checking.

No. We must never assume files are DOS text files because it makes them
non-portable not only between Cygwin/Unix but even between two different
Cygwin instances (just think about remounting the same directory in
binary mode after creating file in text mode).

We must ensure that read/write of zwc files always happens in binary
mode. This will make it possible to share files between Cygwin/Unix as
well. Your patch has several O_BINARY for reading but I do not see
O_BINARY for writing.

Of course, after doing it one probably has to recreate zwc files to be


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