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Re: Bug#134474: zsh misbehaves if LINES=2

> As you probably know, my zsh prompt sets the xterm title. Well, this
> seems to not work in an xterm that is sized to 80x2. Updates to the
> title, which should happen every time the prompt is displayed, do not.
> Also weird is that, for root, I underline the username in the prompt,
> and this too does not happen in such a small xterm.
> If I export LINES=10 in such a small xterm though, all the prompt stuff
> right away starts to work the same way it does in a larger xterm. Of
> course, this is liable to break other stuff..
> My guess is that zsh is doing some kind of trimming of the prompt it
> displays if the terminal seems to be too small to contain the whole
> thing, or something like that.

Yes, it considers the terminal to be short if it's under 3 lines long;
what I don't understand is why it's eliding everything within %{ %}.
(If you get rid of these delimeters, which you almost certainly don't
want to do, it will set the xterm title as expected).

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