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Re: some completion functions :)

baptiste daroussin wrote:
> I've written some completion function for :

Thanks, I've committed these (except _links)

> rar, unrar (_rar)

What are you trying to do with the:
  _tags dico_size && { compadd "$@" -k dico_size || compadd "$@" ${(kv)=dico_size} }

> I've updated _links to work with links >= 2.X

I've not committed this change. Are you sure this is based off the latest
_links function? You seem to have removed the -dump and -source options
and added -mode. Does that reflect the latest links? In addition to
that, this removed useful aspects like the exclusion lists and changed
the descriptions to a non-conventional form. I recently posted a change
to Etc/completion-style-guide to outline the conventions for completion
functions which you might find helpful.

> I've improved _pkgtool 
> Sory, no path because I've overwritten the different scripts :(

In this case, Doug Kearns had made a minor change on CVS which I had to
merge your change against. That's the sort of thing which patches
make easier. Though it would be just as good if you'd started from the
file in CVS.



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