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Re: autocompletion with ssh and .ssh/config

On Sun, 18 Jul 2010, David Duponchel wrote:

> Hi,
> I have some hosts defined in my .ssh/config file. Example :
> Host bar
>     HostName
> Host baz
>     HostName
> When I type ssh <tab>, only my users and hosts in /etc/hosts are 
> displayed (my .ssh/config is ignored).
> With ssh ba<tab> the autocompletion is correctly done and propose bar 
> and baz.
> Same behavior with ssh user@<tab> and ssh user@ba<tab>
> Expected : Hosts from ssh/config are proposed by the autocompletion 
> with the other hosts.
> I did some research and the root of the problem seems to be in 
> Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh, function _ssh_hosts : the function 
> exists too early (before reading ssh/config).
> Used .zshrc :
> autoload -U compinit
> compinit
> Tested env : zsh 4.3.10 and 4.3.10-dev-1, OS : Archlinux.

Confirmed with a pretty recent git build.

Host from ~/.ssh/config aren't proposed until hosts found from other 
methods are exhausted.  The biggest reason that seems wrong (IMO) is 
that 'other methods' includes ~/.ssh/known_hosts.  So, a host I've never 
ssh'ed to won't be offered until I've ssh'ed to it.

With 'acerwin.internal' and 'acerlin.internal' as hosts that show up 
already, I tested by adding, to an already large ~/.ssh/config:

Host acerjjjconfig

And editing ~/.ssh/known_hosts to add acerjjjkh as an alias of some 
other host.

Then acerlin, acerwin, and acerjjjkh are offered in the initial list, 
but acerjjjconfig isn't offered until I type the 'c' (which is also 
annoying because acerj<Tab> completes at that point unambiguously to 

The two _combinations branches in _ssh_hosts that use the user-hosts tag 
seem to be returning intentionally if anything matches.  Removing the ' 
&& return' from each seems to make things better.  But, I'm not sure of 
the use-case that those are supporting.

Another thing to note is that I couldn't get it to recognize HostName 
when HostName was indented as David had it.  E.g. adding:

Host acerjjjconfig
	HostName acerjjjindented

only added acerjjjconfig to the list of completions.


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