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Re: Fix testsuite errors due to shell quoted parameter expansion issue.

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On 08/04/2010 09:18 AM, John Lumby wrote:
> Re the statement
>     since "$e" is quoted, it must not be elided
> I don't think that is correct.   In fact "$e" *must* be elided  -  because you juxtaposed it with the next token.    eliding and quoting are orthogonal.

Your statement is confusing to me.  Here, in more detail, is exactly
what I meant (and what I though I implied in the first case):

The word in question is '"$e"$f' before either parameter substitution,
or word splitting, or quote elision.

After parameter substitution, you are left with '"" val', where a
portion of the string was originally quoted, but you also had a portion
of the string that was unquoted.  Only the ' val' portion of the result
is subject to word splitting.

Because "$e" is quoted, the resulting empty string must not be elided
during word splitting.

Therefore, the result after word splitting MUST be the two words '""'
and 'val'; then you apply quote elision and are left with two words: ''
and 'val'.

> What you appear to be be expecting is that the effect of quoting one token should somehow have some effect on interpretation of a special character (blank) in a subsequent unquoted token.   I don't think that is expected behaviour.      The quoting of $e has the effect of quoting any special characters inside *it*, of which there are none.     your blank is unquoted.    Then word-spilling proceeds.

No, what I expect is that within a single word, the quoted portion of
the word must not be elided during word splitting, except in the special
case of "$@".

> What I find interesting is this
> bash -c 'declare -i length; f=" val" e=;concat="$e"$f; length=${#concat}; echo "length= $length"'
> 4

Why do you find that interesting?  There is NO word splitting in
assignment contexts, so the effect of
is the same as if you had done
in all three cases, concat is assigned the value ' val', which is indeed
length 4.

But it is unrelated to the bash bug at hand, which is that when "$e"$f
is in a context subject to word splitting, then it must result in the
two words '' and 'val', not the single word 'val'.

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